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Premium Pots and Concrete Planter Boxes in Melbourne

The happiest gardens take care and time, and a whole lot of love. They work best when they are given the right environment to flourish. We understand this concept at Zenith Home and Garden Décor. We sell outdoor concrete garden pots and urns, in all shapes and sizes, ranging from lightweight pots and urns to large garden varieties. Our products are of the highest quality, built to withstand all kinds of weather and conditions, and will last for years. We also pride ourselves on having the best prices in Melbourne, and all of our pots, planters and urns can be found in one handy online store.

Custom concrete pots for any specification

At Zenith, we offer a wide range of lightweight pots and planter boxes appropriate for a range of environments. But sadly, there will be times when we don’t stock the exact size planter box that you require.

In these circumstances, we do offer a ‘customize planter box range’ that will fit in perfectly with your requirements. We have been supplying this service for over 10 years for our builders and landscaping customers. This means that if you have a job that needs precise sizes, we can cater to your needs. Please fill in a form and within 24 hours we can provide you with a quote.

Otherwise, simply browse our range of ready-made planters to get yours today.

Complete your garden with a quality pot or urn today

If you think your garden’s lacking something, don’t despair! Our planters and pots can be found in our online store, ready for you to choose or order to your specifications. We will deliver straight to your door or you can pick up your purchases from one of our depots. Get in touch if you require more information on our services, get a quote on a planter and get a beautiful planter, pot or urn for your garden today!